Vamag’s production and sale of test dynamometers that guarantee precision and repeatable results. We take care of all aspects of our products, from designing to production. Every single detail of our products, from production processes to testing, is designed to guarantee those reliability and precision requirements that have always distinguished us. The same principles that led us to become official suppliers for important research and development departments of companies.

All chassis dynamometers manufactured by us are authorised by the Italian Ministry of Transport for vehicle approval. This recognition is the result of the construction accuracy of our characteristic technology, which is able to guarantee maximum precision, reliability and repeatability of results. This is the basis on which we have always set ourselves in order to offer the market the best value for money and the best service to our customers without compromising on the quality, precision and reliability of our products. Being consistent with these principles is what makes Vamag different from more ‘economic’ test benches, by not offering chassis dynamometers in its range of products that are not able to guarantee precision and repeatability (Among these, the most common mechanically connected axle dynamometers).