Break & Suspension Test

"One Stop” quick test of Brakes, Suspension and Yaw

The New Bench was designed to meet the demands of workshop operators providing them with a unique product that has the task of detecting the effectiveness of the vehicle's braking system and the dynamic behaviour of the suspension, in addition to yaw.
To fulfil this need, this bench was created to check Brake Efficiency with a single Stop!
The bench can be installed either flush with the floor or with the ramps above the floor.

The advantages of the "One Stop" system

All with one braking.

✓ Find more work, get more authorizations from customers, increase revenue and turnover!
✓ Much faster and more accurate than visual inspection.
✓ It is not necessary to lift the vehicle or remove the wheels.
✓ Accurately measures vehicle and road behaviour.
✓ Easy to understand printouts help to sell more services and assistance.
✓ Customisable configurations designed to meet the specific demands of your business.
✓ The recessed system simplifies installation and facilitates quick passage.
✓ The design improves the image of your company.

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