Platforms 4 A/MS PLD

For cars and motorcycles up to 35

Platform brake test bench equipped with digital measuring cells.
Approved for cars, tricycles, quads and motor vehicles up to a maximum capacity of 3.5 tons.
Equipped with 750 mm wide platforms, the brake test bench 4 PLD A/M can be installed both above the floor and in recessed version.
It is also equipped with three central covers of different sizes, these allow you to vary the wheelbase so that it adapts to the tracks of different vehicles, ranging from quads to the latest generation of wide-range commercial vehicles.
Complete with test management software in a Windows environment and all the accessories provided.

Wheelbase: 200, 330 or 480 mm
Track: 200 to 2,290 mm
220V power supply, 500W absorption.

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