Platforms 4 PLD A/M - CV

Variable track brake bench for motorcycles, tricycles and quads

New variable track brake test bench, suitable for any vehicle being tested.
Born from the Vamag experience, brake test bench that can test all vehicles with a single adjustment.

Cover with "U1 profile"

Vamag innovation never stops!

The technical improvements combined with a pleasant appearance are well integrated with a high technological background.
The new cover guarantees a coefficient of adhesion never seen on the platform before.
It reacts accurately in any test condition, exceeding any other materials used so far. This new cover can be found on any type of Vamag platform brake tester, whether new or already in use.

Technical data

Useful track: max 2,400 mm
Power supply: 220V 1PH 50Hz
Power 500w
Dimensions (mm):
• Recessed version 4084x2415x70mm
• Floor version 5417x2600x70mm

Innovation Again

Variable track width

from 0 to 2,400 mm

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