Station PC Management

Solution that automates revision line management

It follows the customer with few clear and simple steps and facilitates the management of all the instruments envisaged for the revision of vehicles and motorcycles in a single solution.


- Management of instrumental tests and revision progress
- Compatibility with TM03 remote control and previous versions
- Total compatibility with all equipment on the market
- Multi-line management
- Online update via LiveUpdate
- Ability to modify the data received from the PC Booking software
- Synchronisation of data collected by weather stations complying with MCTCNet2 specifications
- Easy to use and user-friendly graphical interface


Easily and intuitively monitors the progress of vehicles undergoing revision, offers a series of automatisms and simplifications that reduce revision execution times






Xamine has obtained the certificate of suitability no. 016_PCS_RSW_03_ RM, in 2003 in compliance with the MCTCNet specifications at the C.S.R.P.A.D. (Higher Centre for Research and Testing of Vehicles and Devices).
In 2007 this certificate of suitability was updated to meet the requirements of Circular 64/404 of 19/01/2005, maintaining the same approval number.
In 2014, Xamine was declared eligible for MCTCNet2 specifications, with software suitability certificate no. 325/PCS/RSW/NET2/12/RM issued by C.S.R.P.A.D.
In 2019 it received the new software suitability certificate no. 325/PCS/RSW/NET2/19/RM, which replaces the previous one.

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