STB-T Laser Tyre Tread

Increase the loyalty and profits of your workshop

The SBT-T Tread Laser Reader is the solution for checking tire conditions and planning a tire maintenance and alignment plan. Allows the reading of single axes and twin axes.

Its revolutionary design, innovative software and proprietary reporting ensure customer retention, efficiency and profitability quickly and easily. The final report allows your customers to receive comprehensive data illustrating when their tires will need to be replaced.

The diagnosis for tires

Let automation take the place of work!

This professional and easy-to-use system provides an objective and detailed report that clearly demonstrates tire wear and the need for new tires and / or alignment. The Laser Reader diagnoses uneven wear before it is visible to the human eye and easily integrates into acceptance and diagnosis processes.

Seize every opportunity and improve customer loyalty, service efficiency and profitability.

One simple step

A few seconds for a complete report

Our Tread Laser Reader requires no labor. Customers or the acceptor simply drive over the unit, a presence detector will start the laser, the software will automatically acquire tire diagnostics within seconds, indicating the need for alignment and / or rotation replacement.

All this data is printed in a detailed, one-page, color-coded report.

The Plus of the Reader

System features:

- Acquires accurate information on the tread pattern of the entire vehicle
- Laser technology increases accuracy by eliminating approximations and manual inspection
- Detects depth by replicating the exact profile and grooves of the tread
- Shoulder-to-shoulder laser measurement to diagnose alignment recommendations
- Results sent directly to the console and displayed in real time graphically by the customer
- Constructed of corrosion resistant stainless steel

Additional added benefits:
- The recessed configuration integrates perfectly with the Dynamic Acceptance
- Creation of a customer history database for use in marketing activities

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