Prova Potenza

Banchi prova e simulatori stradali
Tutte le serie dei banchi prova Standard e High Performance

Banchi Prova Freni

Banchi Freno a Rulli e Piattaforme
Una gamma completa di banchi prova freni a rulli, piattaforme ed integrati su ponte.

Wheel aligners

Production of equipment for wheel alignment
A complete range of wheel alignment machines for cars, trucks, buses: CCD, 3D and no-contact.

Dynamic Reception

Advanced Vehicle Reception Solution
Solution for dynamic acceptance of vehicles with single passage. No-contact, in seconds a full Check.


Dynamic Reception

Don't change jobs, change the way you work

We live in a deeply dynamic and evolving sector, on the threshold of a period of market contraction that will imply a redesign of the organizational structure in fewer dealers and larger groups. Self-driving vehicles and sharing are the main...

Vamag Network

Multiservice 4.0 by Vamag

“Creating a Multiservice Centre doesn't mean selling everything. Creating a Multiservice Centre means being one with our Customer and advising it on how to become an entrepreneur; it means helping it to structure its company using tools and equipment that...

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