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Innovation in Design

A work of technology, tradition and innovation

1999 was a turning point for VAMAG in wheel alignment technology: in that year the patent that is used today for the innovative ND technology was filed. VAMAG, which has been designing wheel aligners for years, first for its o.e.m. customers, then also with its own brand, has become a leader in touchless wheel alignment technology.

During the 2000s, further technologies were developed, including dynamometers / power test benches, integrated overhaul lines for cars, motorcycles, 2, 3, 4 wheel vehicles, and, recently, the NEW DIMENSION, the latest generation 3D wheel aligner. . The NEW DIMENSION, launched in early 2012, is now successfully marketed in Europe and other countries around the world.

Innovation and product development have always been the basis of VAMAG's corporate culture; this culture is carefully maintained to keep up with the technological developments in the garage and car workshop equipment sector.

Innovation in Materials

The essence of a unique product

To date, the total volume of sales exceeds € 17 million per year with more than 60% turnover in the workshop and garage equipment industry.

VAMAG has exceptional growth potential, both with the existing product range and, more importantly, thanks to the possibility of having new product types for similar business sectors whose technology is already part of the Company's know-how.

The marketing activities carried out in the last 3 years and the consequent recognition of the brand have made a substantial growth possible, especially in foreign markets. In 2013, Vamag achieved a 35% increase in exports with a 14% increase in the number of active distributors.

VAMAG has become one of the Italian leaders in the development of electronic test equipment, and, thanks to the success in the local market, the Company has begun its expansion in foreign countries.

VAMAG's know-how extends from the latest generation of programmable electronics to precision in mechanics, all guaranteed by an accurate quality system (ISO).

The high technical performance, the reliable and versatile design, the competitive price and the timely ability to provide assistance are the key factors of the Company's success.

761 projects, with an average of 26 per year, have been initiated by the Company since it was founded in 1981.

New technologies

Excellence and superior quality

The development of new technologies for cars allows introducing innovations both from a functional point of view and from a technological point of view, improving the properties of the equipment more and more.

Continuous study and being in direct contact with car manufacturers allows us to develop innovative solutions that improve the usability of the equipment itself.

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