for 40 years Innovation and Technology, Culture and Passion.

"We don't want to be original for the sake of it, we are convinced that the passive approach condemns companies, while thinking about the future in a different way, then concretely translating their ideas, allows them to innovate and offer the market new opportunities. "
- Gianfranco Crosta, PGM Vamag Srl -

About Us

A fascinating story, a steady growth for 40 years

Cutting-edge manufacturers do much more than sell big products, they offer a partnership to help customers' business to grow. In addition to the production of innovative equipment, Vamag wants to be a true partner for customer companies even before choosing the best equipment for individual activities.

The ability to anticipate the needs of the market makes Vamag a solid reference point and an irreplaceable partner for numerous dealers from many countries around the world, able to offer added value to their activities.

Since 1981 Vamag has thus produced steady growth, the result of a company policy that has always given priority to efficiency and long-term vision.

Our History

Since 1981

Forty years of consolidated experience in the Automotive market thanks to cutting-edge production methods and dedicated know-how have made it possible to establish ourselves among dealers in many countries around the world, with the production of complete revision lines for every need and wheel alignment with high technological content, in addition to power test benches, road simulators and the innovative dynamic acceptance.
Three operational offices and over 60 employees, each with their own skills, where all the tools are studied and tested thanks to whom the company proudly distinguishes itself on the international markets, that is a 100% Made in Italy quality.

Vamag in the World

Our Team

Culture & Passion

The TEAM is composed of over 60 professionals divided between the different offices of the national and international territory.

Their daily commitment, the quality of the people and their ability to interact and stimulate each other, in addition to synergies and complementarity of skills, are the creative engine of VAMAG.

They are the passionate and visionary people who make the company competitive, efficient, performing and professional, every day more.

Gianfranco Crosta

General Manager

Responsible for business strategies. Founder of Vamag in 1981, for over 40 years in the automotive sector: “I am excited if I can generate enthusiasm in customers and collaborators, helping to innovate and create new opportunities.”

Giovanni Crosta

Product Manager

Responsible for a product throughout its whole life cycle: from launching on the market to end of production. Its main task is to define the business objectives related to a product and the most effective marketing strategies to achieve them.

Pietro Crosta

Export Manager

Responsible for the development of the domestic market and mainly foreign markets, it is therefore responsible for opening up to one or more foreign markets for the export of its products or the provision of its services.

Our Production

Innovation & Technology

Technological innovation, creativity, functionality, attention to detail, high technical performance of the systems, efficiency and reliability are still the key to Vamag's success.

At its headquarters in Cassano Magnago, which encompasses an area of 5000 square meters, the company uses dedicated laboratories and the extraordinary collaboration of professional technicians responsible for the design and engineering of software, hardware, the development of prototypes and electronic and mechanical systems.

Test Line

Full Range

The most complete range of brake test benches and equipment for revision centres on the market, based on 40 years of experience.

Power Test

Benches and Simulators

Development and production of test benches and road simulators all vehicle, which guarantee precision and repeatability of results.

Wheel aligners

Accurate and Fast

A range of wheel aligners with a high three-dimensional technological content. Unique on the world market with HD side cameras.

Dynamic Test

Increse opportunities

The first on the market to produce acceptance-oriented equipment that connected to each other, innovate business management and services.

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