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Multi-Platform Diagnostic Benches represent a new chapter in the maintenance and servicing of heavy vehicles. These advanced devices integrate cutting-edge technologies, offering a complete solution for safety and roadworthiness testing. Due to their versatility and precision, they are rapidly becoming the industry standard for heavy vehicles.

Precision and Efficiency

Maximum safety at a low cost

Dynamic Evaluation

Realistic Testing and Maximum Reliability

Software Innovation

Comprehensive and Timely Diagnosis

Reduced Test Times

Quick Return on Investment

MCTC Certified Benches

MCTC Compliance for Inspections

Vamag diagnostic benches are certified according to MCTC (Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport) standards, ensuring that every inspection meets strict quality and safety criteria. MCTC compliance guarantees that our equipment meets Italian and European regulations, offering maximum reliability and safety in testing.


Evolution of Road Safety

The maintenance and servicing of heavy vehicles are entering a new era.

Vamag introduces advanced diagnostic solutions to ensure the safety and efficiency of heavy vehicles, contributing to a safer and more sustainable road environment. Advanced technologies are playing a crucial role in this evolution. From automated diagnostics through intelligent sensors to preventive maintenance based on predictive data analysis, companies are adopting cutting-edge solutions to optimize maintenance operations. This not only enhances the safety and reliability of the vehicles but also reduces operational costs and downtime.

Software Beyond Inspections

Optimize Maintenance and Operational Efficiency

Vamag's patented software represents a significant advancement in heavy vehicle diagnostics. It features intuitive user interfaces for detailed performance assessments, enabling effective and timely testing of braking, stability, and other crucial checks, optimizing maintenance and operational efficiency.


New Inspection Centers

Authorized Operator according to D.M.446 of 11/15/2021.

In the world of road transport, safety is an absolute priority. With millions of heavy vehicles traveling the roads worldwide every day, ensuring these vehicles are in optimal condition is essential to protect drivers, passengers, and other road users.


A Universe of Possibilities

We offer configurations to meet every need

We offer configurations to meet every need. Multi-Platform Diagnostic Benches are a strategic investment to improve operational efficiency and ensure precise and rapid diagnoses while contributing to sustainability.


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