Naval, Air and Railway Sector

Our company has the know-how and structure to provide its customers with equipment projects for the maintenance and assistance of any means of transport, carried out in a short time and with the utmost accuracy.

It is our interest before our customers to use modern design tools such as 3D modeling and finite element calculations. A good supply of means means little without having adequately qualified personnel available. We have therefore decided to employ high-level personnel that we train internally and to whom we gradually entrust the management of increasingly demanding projects.

The R&D department supports the Product Design team not only with the best tools for Engineering, but also with the most sophisticated tools for simulation: static or dynamic structural analysis, acoustic or thermal propagation analysis, fluid dynamics analysis, everything flows into the better product definition.

Polymers, metal alloys, woods, ceramics, composites or fabrics. Die casting, chip removal, hydroforming, forging or sputtering. In Industrial Design, there are no materials or manufacturing processes of which Vamag has not gained experience over the years: this experience is transmitted entirely to the project and, therefore, to the client company.

We are one of the leading companies in Italy specializing in the production of special components and equipment intended primarily for the automotive sector. Vamag has the Italian market as its reference market, but carries out processing on request and exports its products all over the world. We work on specific customer request in the design and production, making use of an experienced and specialized staff of: designers, mechanics, consultants, etc.

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