Wheel Alignment Nd445V 3d

Intelligent, precise and easy to use

The 3D wheel aligner with 6-HD camera technology controls vehicle geometry with maximum accuracy and speed of use. Installation system using special cantilever supports designed to ensure maximum mobility for the operator in the working environment along the perimeter of the vehicle and the lift.

The cameras of the system use autofocus technology, automatic target acquisition and auto-adjustment of brightness to compensate for ambient light conditions. The simple and intuitive software, with 3D graphics of great effect, allows you to obtain a complete measurement in a few clicks and compare the data with those present in the integrated Autodata ® database.

Integrated System

Professional quality and precision for reliable real-time measurements.

• 6-Camera NewDimension Wheel Trim
• Autodata Database
• Complete installation kit and wheel alignment supports
• AGS-RF grips with Tyre Contact “NO RUN-OUT”
• Brake Lock and Steering Lock

Fast and simplified installation

Easier and faster calibrations.

No need for additional tools specially designed, supplied and installed: two steel arms fixed to the front columns of the bridge position the ND cameras at 2.5 mt. height on the sides of the bridge.
No need for a pre-inspection site visit. The salesperson himself can verify that the necessary space dedicated to wheel alignment in the workshop is enough to position the ND445V, easier and faster installation and calibration.

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