Speed Test 3R/NS

Speed Test Bench

Approved speed test bench for motorcycles, three-wheel vehicles and light quadricycles (quad included). Its particular size makes it particularly suitable for insertion into existing masonry works. The drive-over covers also make it easy to install even near a brake test bench. Equipped with an eddy current brake, electrical panel and button panel as well as the software and all the accessories required by the current legislation. The particularly narrow wheelbase of just 200 mm makes it easy to test any type of vehicle subject to speed testing in combination with exhaust gas control.

Dimensions (mm): 2380 x 530 x 210
Useful track: 200 to 2,000 mm

• Speed test bench for: motorcycles, 3-wheel vehicles and light quadricycles (QUADS INCLUDED).
• Included: eddy current brake
• PV3 control button panel
• Electrical panel
• Drive-over covers
• Ratchet fastening belt set, 03 pcs.

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