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Vamag is constantly looking for new opportunities to strengthen customer and consumer relationships. The LAB point is an innovative and unique project in the sector, a training project that allows customers to transform the purchase into a unique and pleasant experience.

Within the LABs, customers will be able to meet the trusted consultant who will help them in choosing the solutions that are most suited to express and enhance the company up to the design and customized implementation of a Multiservice.


Live a unique experience

Experience a unique and exclusive experience, you can experience in live all the best technology and all the innovations of Vamag, even those not yet available on the market.
V-Space by Vamag, is an exclusive interactive and fully functional showroom, customers will be able to experience a unique live experience with all the best Vamag technology. The customer will be supported by a Consultant who will guide them through the world of our content, helping them in choosing the most suitable solutions or equipment. Find out how you can receive technical support in the same Lab, with a complete pre- and post-sales service, as well as participating in unique training courses.
Dynamic Acceptance, Integrated 3D wheel alignment and many other live innovations at your disposal, to help you in your company's choices and growth.

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Managerial training for tomorrow's professionals

Today it is increasingly important to know how to communicate and sell value to your customers.
With the construction of the Academy we want to create a privileged place of knowledge and discovery for new ways of working and learning, to develop the Business of our Customers' companies.
We want to be the core for the growth and the professional and personal development of our customers:
• Professional Growth to improve their technical-commercial skills and abilities;
• Personal growth through the acquisition of psychological, communicative, relational techniques, to promote the knowledge of oneself and others, increase one's authority (leadership) in guiding and motivating one's employees.

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From single Shop to Multiservice

Re-examine the workshop no longer as a do all, but as a new company organized by processing departments and connected.
A single company, made up of sub-companies and production departments, from tyre service to mechanics, from mechatronics to bodywork, starting from the acceptance of the vehicle and the reception of the customer.
Connected equipment and better environments will make the new workshop an innovative, efficient and unique Multiservice.

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