Suspension Test

mod. STL (Eusama)

Suspension test bench with Eusama calculation system. Ideal for workshops that want to check the efficiency of vehicle shock absorbers in a simple but effective way. The simple and intuitive software allows you to ascertain the measured parameters at a glance.
Stl suspension test, designed to measure the efficiency of the suspension of passenger cars and light trucks using the Eusama method: it has a permissible load limit per single wheel of 1,000 kg and a minimum distance between platforms of 900 mm. For a correct measurement of the parameters, the system software manages the positioning of the vehicle on the oscillating platforms and at the end of the test displays and prints the following data: the total weight, that of the individual wheels and of each axle, the Eusama percentage value detected, the tyre/suspension stiffness of each single wheel, the adhesion imbalance in percentage on each axle through a histogram, the graphic trend of the suspensions as a function of the resonance frequency for each wheel and the oscillation for each axle, the resonance of the suspension and the effects related to incorrect inflation of the tyre.

• Vibration-based Suspension Test Module (EUSAMA Method)
• Built-in Weight System
• Automatic Weight Measurement
• Capacity: 2,000 Kg/axis

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