Mobile Test Line

An entire mobile revision line that includes all the tools needed for periodic truck revisions. Equipped with a hydraulic system capable of loading, unloading, positioning and operating the entire line in a few minutes, all controlled by a single control unit.
With its fast and intuitive hydraulic system, the M.T.L. can be loaded, unloaded, positioned and operated in minutes wherever you need it. M.T.L. is fully controlled with the commands:
- UP-DOWN movement of the entire structure
- Climb up/down the roof
- Each movement can be performed by pressing the green approval button

Mobile Test Line

All possible tests

- Brake Test Bench
- Play test
- RPM tachometers
- Gas Analyser
- Opacimeter
- Headlamp aligner
- License plate recognition
- Phonometer
- Complete Software Line Software

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