Wheel Alignment AM 3000 BT-T

Fast and accurate multi-axle truck alignments

Equipped with 8 CCD technology to control all characteristic angles of all vehicle axles thanks to detectors equipped with Bluetooth data transmission and battery power.

Quick installation

Self-centering support clamps easy to assemble

Faster procedure

Fast and reliable data transmission with Bluetooth system

Full report

Simple and immediate display and printing of results

Efficency & System

Forget the compensation, never Runout again!

Tire Contact Grips "AGS-RF"

- Self-centring anchors resting on the tire
- No Runout
- Super light
- Very narrow width
- No metal-metal contact
- No knob to tighten

The Latest technology

Rugged design Lightweight and durable Cordless operation Hot swappable batteries

The alignment sensors, thanks to two solid-state accelerometric sensors, reduce set-up times and provide accurate alignment readings.

Live sensor reading to measure alignment angles, using an accelerometer instead of an inclinometer to ensure greater measurement accuracy and very small detector dimensions.

Infrared communication between the measuring heads

Simple and intuitive

Windows-based software

• Impressive graphics
• Complete measurement in just a few clicks even with rear steering axles.
• Real compensation of the incidence in case of different axle level
• Possibility of working directly from the keyboard of each measuring head
• Extensive database including complete vehicle specifications
• All the values of each axle displayed in a single screen
• Display of the detected and adjusted values in a single screen

Work where you want

Mobile alignment AM 3000 BT-TM


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