Truck benches

Dynamometer power test benches for heavy two-wheel drive vehicles

Vamag road simulators allow all types of tests to be carried out, in real running conditions and for as long as desired, without exposing the operator to the risks arising from a road test. It saves considerable time and money while also eliminating the time of leaving and entering the workshop.


Power test bench/two-wheel drive road simulator dedicated to trucks and buses

Mechanical characteristics:
- roller diameter 400 mm
- roller width 700 mm
- balancing class G 2.5
- overall dimensions 3470 x 5300 mm

- maximum speed 200 km/h
- maximum power absorption 400 HP
- maximum measurable power 900 HP
- maximum traction force 16000 N


- Reduction of intervention times (precise and reliable diagnosis)
- Effective use of tools already present in the workshop (analyser testers)
- No risk for the road operator (traffic, accidents, fines, loss of points)
- Certification of the results obtained (performance increases)
- Increased sale of accessories with verification of the results obtained (mufflers, control units, etc.)
- Increase in the sale of used vehicles with verification of engine health on the bench
- Used pick-up after checking the operation of the vehicle
- Possibility of renting to third parties for tests and verifications

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