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“By embracing the philosophy of change, for years Vamag has been bringing news to the market and trying to sensitize it towards a new line of X.0 workshops. The freedom enjoyed in 40 years of history has given Vamag the strength not to be conditioned by finding the courage to abandon the models of the past and old habits. It is on the basis of what Vamag proposes to companies in the sector its idea of ​​a workshop by offering the possibility of structuring, organizing and making the company efficient, passing from artisans to entrepreneurs, through the design and implementation of a Multiservice equipped with every innovative equipment.
"For Vamag, the business is moving from the inside to the entrance of their company, not in the search for new customers but in the development of their customers who need to focus. "We explained that they don't have to change jobs but way of working - says Giovanni Crosta of Vamag - and thanks to our dynamic acceptance we are able to connect their company, to let their equipment talk, allowing them to sell all their professionalism and increase the turnover starting from each single entry. "

In the world of work, thanks to new technologies, flexibility will take the place of stability, and the same is true in entrepreneurship, where flexibility will become crucial. Once you have structured your company and consolidated your customers, the search for new business externally through multimedia channels or by directly procuring new work externally will be the only way for the growth of all companies. For Vamag, "Flexible" services represent a huge opportunity to acquire a market that otherwise would be unattainable such as transport companies, public bodies, companies with fleets, rental houses, taxi drivers, ambulances. Huge or small groups that are unlikely to be able to move towards maintenance but will increasingly need on-site assistance. This is where the “Portable Line” product line was born. Each workshop will be able to visit customers and create new business. "

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