Vamag celebrates 40 years of innovation

Interview with the PGM of Vamag

Vamag turns 40. The Italian company, specialised in the production of workshop equipment and for some years in the design and construction of multi-service centres, continues its expansion phase focusing on new technologies and professional skills. We talked about this to Gianfranco Crosta, Pgm of Vamag.

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Dynamic Reception

Full check-up in less than two minutes

We live in a deeply dynamic and evolving sector, on the threshold of a period of market contraction that will imply a redesign of the organisational structure in fewer dealers and larger groups. Self-driving vehicles and sharing are the main...

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Multiservice 4.0

“Creating a Multiservice Centre doesn't mean selling everything. Creating a Multiservice Centre means being one with our Customer and advising them on becoming an entrepreneur; it means...

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The X.0 workshop goes beyond the Multiservice

Embracing the philosophy of change, Vamag has been bringing innovations to the market for years and trying to raise awareness towards a new line of X.0 workshops. Vamag's 40-year freedom has given it the strength not to let it be conditioned by finding the courage...

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Workshops must invest in innovation and professionalism

Invest in the professionalism of operators, in technological innovation, and be resilient. For Gianfranco Crosta, Pgm of Vamag, these are the elements on which the self-repair sector must focus in order to be increasingly competitive in a rapidly changing world.

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Autorizzate le revisioni dei mezzi pesanti presso le officine private

Sono state autorizzate le revisioni dei mezzi pesanti presso le officine private. Nella norma è prevista la formazione di tecnici specializzati (Modulo C).

Approvata la norma prevista nel Decreto-legge Infrastrutture che modifica l’articolo 80 del Codice della Strada in materia di revisione dei mezzi pesanti.

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Vamag Channel

Scopri il canale Vamag su YouTube

Le grandi aziende, sempre più spesso, utilizzano i social network per entrare in contatto con i propri clienti. Vamag ha fatto di più, presentando un canale di tecnica e di formazione su YouTube chiamato “Vamag Channel”.

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